So you've bought the app and things aren't quite working as expected. No problem, hopefully you can find the answer here.

I can't connect!

Make sure you are have downloaded and are using the latest version of the iRaceDash Server.

Is Windows firewall or another third party firewall blocking UDP port 2047, the default communications port? To open the port try the following guide Open a port in Windows Firewall

Does the ip address in the app settings menu match that shown in the iRaceDash Server?

Is the port in the app settings menu set to the default of 2047?

I still can't connect!

Can your Android or iOS device see your PC? Download any of the free 'ping' apps from the Android Market or iTunes Store and see if your device can ping the IP address shown in iRaceDash Server. If you can't ping the address there is a problem with your network.

I still still can't connect!

Start iRaceDash Server from the command line and append '-d'. This will write a log.txt file to the iRaceDash Server folder.

"iRaceDash Server" -d

Email log.txt to along with the following information:-

I want to use a different port

If you want to use a different UDP port because some other application is using port 2047 you need to change the port in both iRaceDash and iRaceDash Server.

In iRaceDash settings menu set the port number to the port you want to use.

To change the port used by iRaceDash Server you need to start iRaceDash server from the command line and append the port number as an argument. For example to use port 2048 you would enter:

"iRaceDash Server" -p 2048

Pit black boxes are not working

iRaceDash uses keyboard inputs to control the iRacing black boxes. For the pit controls to work it is necessary to use the default keyboard mappings in iRacing. The easy way to reset all of your keyboard settings to default is to rename 'controls.cfg' in your 'My Documents\iRacing\' folder.

The actual keys that are used are:-

Key iRacing Mapping
Space Toggle Selected Control
Left Arrow Decrement Selected Control
Right Arrow Increment Selected Control
Up Arrow Select Previous Control
Down Arrow Select Next Control
Home Unmapped - should return cursor to first entry in black box
F3 Relative Black Box
F4 Fuel Black Box
F5 Tires Black Box